Is Running twice a week enough to lose weight

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Is running twice a week enough to lose weight ?? Your answer was Yes. But you have to maintain below schedule for lose weight.. So please check below details for more information..

First understand that to lose weight you need to focus on diet. To grow muscularity you need to lift weights, to have a strong healthy heart you need cardiovascular exercises.

Training alone will not help you lose weight, not if you don’t change your eating habits first. People gain weight because they eat to much, not because they don’t exercise, so why try to lose weight by exercising? You lose body fat by watching what you consume in a daily basis.

There is a big misconception when it comes to weight loss, and I believe the crap that they show on TV’s and the commercial on the radio are to blame. All these 30 minute workouts and 15 minutes HIIT programs are a bunch of crap and it’s only there to sell you something.

If you want to lower your body fat then focus on your nutrition, not your training. You will never be able to out run a bad diet, no matter how hard or how long you are in the gym..

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You can also check below information,

  1. You will likely lose weight After the first 30 minutes of running, your body gets low on glycogen, and switches more to blood fat for energy, which in turn draws stored fat into the blood stream. Also, your metabolism will be higher for half a day or so. Since you run every day, your body doesn’t fully replenish glycogen levels, so the next day and the next the effect is intensified.
  2. You will develop more stamina, stronger legs, and tougher feet. You may deal with a fair bit of soreness on the way to that, though.
  3. You will be able to run faster and farther, barring setbacks. The general rule of thumb is that the 3rd day is faster than the first day, and the 5th day is faster than the 3rd day. It stretches out depending on training, form, effort and such, but after running 70 miles in two weeks, your best mile and your best 5-mile times should each be improved.
  4. Your skin may look healthier. This depends on how diligent you are about washing up right after a run, how you respond to sun, and such, but in general the improved circulatory health and moisturizing effect of sweating profusely tends to make the skin a bit thicker and healthier.
  5. You will probably be less stressed. You’re literally dissipating the energy you would have been using to chronically tense muscles. You’re also stimulating release of endorphins, which create a sense of well-being.
  6. You may have more mental energy. Anything good for your heart is generally good for your brain. Better oxygen and blood vessel development, reduced stress, etc. tend to be good for your ability to stay on task.

There are potential downsides, though. Most coaches recommend taking at least one day a week off from running to let your body recover more. If you build up your mileage too abruptly, you may deal with extra aches and pains, and even possible over-use injuries. Be sure to eat a balanced diet, especially right after a run. It’s a cool goal, just make sure you’ve built up to it a bit.

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