Goldie Hawn’s Decision: Why She and Kurt Russell Haven’t Married

In 1983 and 2020 – Goldie Hawn with Kurt Russell. Picture: C Weekly..

Goldie Hawn’s Decision: Why She and Kurt Russell Haven’t Marriedl. Gdie Hawn opens up about her choice not to marry longtime partner Kurt Russell

In a recent interview, legendary actress Goldie Hawn candidly discussed her decision to leave her marriage to longtime boyfriend Kurt Russell. The couple, who have been together since Valentine’s Day 1983, have become the epitome of a true Hollywood love story despite never walking down the aisle.

When asked about their choice not to marry, Goldie responds, “Why should we get married? Isn’t that a better question?” Goldie’s words shed light on social norms that assume that living together for a significant period of time automatically requires marriage, offering a new perspective on this conventional belief.

In 2018 – Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Family Vacation in Greece 2018

The 77-year-old actress further elaborated on her stance, acknowledging the negative consequences often associated with unhappy marriages. Goldie and Kurt, both 72, have witnessed the toll a failed marriage can take, both emotionally and financially. Drawing from personal experience, Goldie said, “We got married, and when it didn’t work out, it became big business.” 

Goldie’s romantic journey included two previous marriages: first to Gus Triconisto (actor) from 1969 to 1976, and then to Bill Hudson (musician), from 1976 to 1982. She has two children from her marriage to Bill, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson, who have also pursued careers in acting.

On the other hand, Kurt was previously married to actress Season Hubley from 1979 to 1983 and they share a son named Boston Russell.

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, Goldie emphasized the damaging aspects of divorce. He raises important questions such as, “How many divorces are fun? How many divorces don’t cost money? How many divorces make you hate yourself more than before? How many divorces hurt children?” These insightful questions focus on the difficult consequences that can arise from marriages that do not succeed, offering us a deeper understanding of the potential challenges involved.

While discussing the possibility of their relationship lasting 40 years without being married, Goldie questions the interviewer by challenging the assumption that a successful partnership requires a legal commitment. She expresses her gratitude for the freedom to wake up every morning and make decisions about her own life..


Goldie emphasized that relationships are not always easy, often requiring individuals to overcome various obstacles. He highlights the importance of independent thinking and the ability to maintain one’s identity within relationships. He concludes by saying, “I think ultimately it’s important to be independent with independent thinking, so you can hold your own and have that feeling.”

Despite their dislike, Kurt and Goldie raise a beautiful family together. They welcomed their son Wyatt Russell in 1986, further cementing their bond.

Goldie Hawn’s candid comments provide a refreshing perspective on love and commitment, reminding us that traditional marital conventions may not be the only path to a fulfilling and successful long-term relationship.

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