Can I Travel with RAC ticket in 2AC

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Can I Travel with RAC ticket in 2AC??

Your answer is Yes.. You can easily travel with RAC ticket in 2AC..
But before travel everything you need to know about below Topic.. Lets check it here..

1. How many RAC seats are there in 2AC compartment of Indian Railway?

The number of RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) seats in 2AC (Second Class AC) compartment of Indian Railways varies depending on the specific train and its configuration. However, generally, there are usually around 4 to 6 RAC seats in a 2AC compartment. It’s worth noting that the number of RAC seats can change depending on factors such as seat availability, cancellations, and booking patterns.

2. Can an RAC passenger of 2AC be allowed to travel after chart preparation in Indian Railways?

Yes, RAC passenger of AC II tier is allowed to travel after the chart preparation in Indian Railways because after the chart preparation, the passenger will be allotted half portion of side lower berth seat in that PNR. The passenger will be sharing his/her berth with one more passenger during the journey.

After the chart preparation, the passenger will receive the message for ticket status as RAC/A2/23 which means that the status is RAC and the seat is in A1 (AC II tier coach) and the seat number is 23 (side lower berth).

3. If you have a train journey in today evening having a 2AC ticket with RAC-1. What are the chances of getting it confirmed? Should you abort your journey?

RAC-1 in itself is a guarantee for you to travel by sharing your seat with someone else in case the RAC ain’t cleared. But, as per my experience, your RAC will surely be cleared so you shouldn’t abort your journey.

Also, you can check the history of the RAC clearance/ probability of RAC-1 getting cleared for this particular train on IRCTC/ websites. The probability percentage will give you a clear picture and confidence to take an apt decision.

4. Will your 2AC ticket get confirmed with 2 days to travel? If your status today changed from WL 2 to RAC 4. What does this mean?

It is difficult to say for certain whether your ticket will be confirmed within two days of travel. However, it is important to note that your status has changed from “Waiting List 2” to “Reservation Against Cancellation 4”. This means that there are currently four people ahead of you on the waiting list, and that if any of those tickets are cancelled, yours will be confirmed. It is always recommended to check the status of your ticket frequently, and to be prepared for the possibility that your ticket may not be confirmed.

First of all RAC means Reservation after Cancelation.

That said, your ticket has been half confirmed already. That is, even if your ticket stays RAC, you can still board the train and make your journey. Though you will only get half of one seat.

What this means is that if your are traveling in 2-AC or 3-AC, you know that only 2 people can sit on the passage seats. But if you’re traveling with an RAC ticket, 4 people will be sitting on those seats.

Generally, RAC tickets get confirmed after the chart has been prepared. So make sure you’re on your seat when the TTC comes to check your ticket. These guys usually offer you a whole seat, if by chance, seats are available.

Happy Journey.. 🙂 .

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